Designing My Website Has Been Many Things

Over the last two weeks I have been designing my website.

There are several words that come to mind which I would use to describe this experience.

It’s been frustrating: very frustrating at times – but also, actually, enjoyable. Annoying, yet satisfying. Tedious, and interesting are also some of the words that feel fitting. The creative challenge has been lengthy and unpredictable – and addictive. So addictive, in actual fact, that almost all I’ve done over the past couple of weeks has been my website – from breakfast to bedtime, is about all I’ve done…with only the occasional stop so as to go to the loo, or get the odd bit of food and drink.

There have been many hurdles along the way. A lot of them occurred, I think, because I just didn’t know what I wanted when I started.

So, if you’re thinking about your website, or if I’m reading this again – before doing some more tinkering – my advice would be that having atleast an idea of what you’d like on your website, can help massively when it comes to choosing which of the many different templates and elements you’d like to use to build your online presence. That way, working-out how to actually make it happen, becomes not just more achieveable, but possible. After all, you’ve got to find a way to physically create the page you want, but that can’t be done if you don’t know what sections you want on that page, never mind knowing how you’d like it to look.

Luckily, I found some great online tutorials. So great, infact, that I ended-up watching atleast one of these three times; three times!..and not just watching, casually – but doing-, copying-, following the advice at the same time.

One of the reasons I saw it so often, was because I made it more complicated for myself. I decided, part way through the first two viewings, to do some freestyling. Why?…I don’t know – but I did. I thought to myself:Thinking: oh, he's doing it that way...I see...well, I think I know a better way. What if I try it like this instead?! It's bound to work – isn't it?!

It’s like thinking:

Thinking: he said to add sweetcorn. Er, I'll put banana into this omelette instead, I think; that's's bound to work?! What could possibly go wrong?!

Well, what went wrong is that it didn’t work. In addition, it ruined all the other stuff I’d done before – meaning, when I tried to get back on-track with the video, I just couldn’t, because I’d changed so many things I couldn’t figure out what I’d done right, and what I’d done wrong, or when it all started to go awry. That was one of the frustrating and annoying bits.

Understanding the limitations, boundaries and possibilities of and WordPress etc. was constantly tough. Different options offer certain possibilities – but only under fairly precise circumstances, it seems – that’s a bit like life though, really…you can have omelette if you’ve got eggs, but, if not, then you can’t – and you’ll have to make something else. Although, if you’ve got eggs, you could have French toast, or soufflé instead.

Thinking: mmmm, French toast – yum!

Sorry, er, back to the website.

So, a fair bit of downloading, investigating, and trying-it-out was needed, and then having to start again…giving the new insight a go…then, beginning from scratch once more.

This trial and error method made me learn a lot though (which I found interesting, challenging, and then addictive – although still a bit frustrating). I even learnt how to do a bit of coding, and sort-of understood it (although, I must admit, I had done a little bit of this a few years ago). Technical support helped un-break a few things, intuition played a part, and now I feel my website is certainly in a more creative-­ and healthier condition than it was.

Banana omelette though?! Er – maybe not. I’ll go for the French toast, I think.

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