It’s been a while since my first blog post – sorry. I’ve been busy trying to design- and perfect my website over the past few days though, so now have a new-found vigour towards my online presence.

My site only seems to allow me five pages with the subscription I have?! That’ll be enough, won’t it? Maybe it won’t. Looking around at other people’s websites, some seem to have very very very long pages; so, that’s always an option, I suppose?! A page that goes on for ages. I guess the only problem arises when you try to print it…or you lose your place – haha – although the ‘search’ facility generally works well?!

I like pages though. Personally, I don’t think I like them being too big really. I’m not totally sure how I feel about website pages – but newspaper pages are nice ‘tabloid’ size: they’re manageable.

When I was young, I remember fighting with ‘broadsheet’ newspaper pages. It almost seemed easier to make an origami hat out of them than it was to turn over to the next one in the sequence. Now I’m a bit older, I still have difficulty turning ‘broadsheet’ pages. They’re less common now though – as a result of a desire to cut-down on paper, I think; rather than as a customer service to reduce the exasperation that can be felt from trying to read them.

During a tour of the Wapping newspaper plant many years ago, I was given minute versions of some of the newspapers created there – such as ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Times’. They were probably only slightly bigger than my mobile phone, so almost impossible to read…but easier to flick through.

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