Left in Joppa

The glove lies on the cold grass, a few paces in front of a bench. The sun's beam is being reflected off a window pain from a nearby house.
Sun reflects onto the glove, that lies on the grass by a bench.

Ahhh – the sun is nice.

Hang on, shouldn’t I be on the site?!

No, no, it’s okay – it’s Sunday; we’re not working today. Phew!

It’s so peaceful!

Well, it is Sunday.

A rest – finally.

It’s been such a busy job, this one. Right hand making things take longer by dropping more bricks yesterday…hang on – where is he? Er?! He – was – here…wasn’t he?

We finished just before we lost the light yesterday afternoon – it must have been about 3.30; it gets dark so early in December. Yeh, ‘cos we made it to the local just in time for the start of half time. What a fantastic goal, just before the whistle?! Eh? Wasn’t it, right hand???? Eh??? Don’t you think???

The road between the field, and a row of houses opposite. Scaffolding etc surrounds one of these houses.
The road between the field, and a row of houses opposite. Scaffolding etc surrounds one of them.

Oh – hang on. He’s not ‘ere, is he?!…It was though: it just scraped in. Brilliant! 3-2! It went down hill after that. Or, at least, it sounded like it did. I missed the second half; ‘cos Charlie put me in his work bag. Couldn’t see a thing after that. I tried – but he fully zipped it up – that’s not like him…usually, we can just about see out of the zip. His gaffer must’ve complained again about him losing stuff. That trowel that went missing a few months ago was a bit of a family heirloom, wasn’t it? He wasn’t happy about that disappearin’. Okay, it might not have been Charlie’s fault – but, it was there one minute, not the next.

That trowel was funny: “Can you dig it? Well, I’m not a spade – but I’ll give it a go,” he used to say.


The glove lies between a bench, and a low wall - which separates the grass field from the sea.
The glove lies between a bench, and a low wall.

So – right – last night?! Charlie put right hand and me in his bag: fully zipped-up, didn’t he?! It was dark in there – but, yes, I felt him scraping against me. Yes, we were in the boozer ’til the end of the match – then Charlie made a dash for it, didn’t he? He was running for the bus, wasn’t he? Right hand – nearly gave me a rash: rubbing against me while Charlie was running.

That’s it – he missed the bus, and decided to just have a breather over the road – there: on that bench. That’s it. He got us both out – ‘cos it was pretty chilly. Even I was cold! Charlie must have needed our warmth.

Er. what happened then?

I remember he was using his phone. He was using it for ages! I could hardly breathe at one stage. Tappin’ away. That’s when he must have taken Right Hand off…but – hang on, I’m the one who’s just lying here…all alone…lost?!

The glove in front of the low wall - with the relatively calm sea on the other side.
The glove in front of a low wall – with the sea on the other side.

Charlie went to admire the view. He went to the wall, to look at the water; I remember that. I got to see some of it too. He was rubbing his hands together. He must’ve been cold. I nearly got burnt: rubbing against the harsh, rough belly of Right Hand. Ewww! What a view though – it was great! Edinburgh in the early evening – as the sun lowers, and the street lights come up.

That’s it. Then there was another mad dash. He went to put us in his bag. That’s it! Right Hand must’ve got in there, and I must have fallen to the ground. So, here I am!

The glove in front of a bench - with a house, next to the field, in the near distance; and a row of houses over the road.
The glove in front of a bench.

Yeesss?! Charlie was rushing back to the seat, to get his bag. He took me off, as he hurriedly opened his bag, missed – which is when I fell here. He was rushing to get a lift: one of his work pals had honked his horn, hadn’t he?! He was giving Charlie a lift home. That’s right. So, I’ve been here since then?! It must’ve been – what? Er?! It wasn’t too late?! The match finished; we maybe stayed another half-hour; we came here; sat down; enjoyed the lights; er…7?! I’d say no later than 7pm.

So – how long have I been here? Oooh! 12 hours?! More?! I did have a good night’s sleep though. Right Hand didn’t keep me awake, as he normally does. All that chattering he does?! In his sleep?!!! How does he do that?! He chatters – whilst he’s asleep?! What an annoying glove!! Do other gloves have such noisy pairs? It was weird last night though…so much silence; peace! It was lovely.

Where is he though?

Well, actually – he’s going to be at home, isn’t he?

How am I going to get back to Charlie – and Right Hand?

They’re probably worried about me. Are they? Well, actually – to be honest… – I bet they’re not. They probably haven’t even realised I’ve gone. No, no – I bet Right Hand has noticed! He must have done!

A glove, lying on the grass. It's a dark pink/dirty orange colour, with what look like occasional blotches of white paint.
A glove, lying on the grass.

What am I going to do?

Well, I can’t move, so – there’s nothing I can do!

Wait. Wait until tomorrow. They’ll be back tomorrow, to work on the house over the road some more.

In the meantime – enjoy the peace – the relaxation – the…serenity of my predicament. ‘Serenity of my predicament’?! I could never get away with saying anything like that with Right Hand around. Hahaha.

Look at the sun – it’s so bright. I’m in just the right spot to feel it. Mmmmm! I might be orange, or even red by tomorrow. Hahaha.

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