What Do I Write?

Well, I’ve got no idea what to write, but here is my first blog on my very own website. This is exciting and new.

I’ve blogged occasionally on other sites – such as for the BBC, where I worked for many years – but this is mine. Oooh, it’s nice!

Why would anyone want to read what I have to say though? What is the point of my humble little blog? I don’t know – but, together, let’s try and work that out.

To be honest, I’m not even sure really why I’ve got a website?! Isn’t that something that the whole world has, though? Sometimes it certainly feels like it. Don’t you need to be online, and have to have a website to exist nowadays? Well, actually, no – there are people I know who aren’t online, who are sceptical about the whole internet thing, I know others who don’t like social media. So, it is possible to be in the modern world without those things – but here I am with them – and it’s like an exciting new toy.

Just writing this is giving me a bit of enthusiasm, and a few ideas, actually. We’ll be able to see it develop together. I’ll try and work-out the answer to these questions, and attempt to find something to say…and something worth saying, what’s more; I know I can. I do have lots to say, and will start to make more sense as my website ages – promise.

If you have any thoughts though, or positive advice, or nice suggestions, please do message me – here. Does that take you to my Contact page? Hope so…that’s good, isn’t it? It is a nice toy. Haha.

So, the site, and the blog will grow; they’ll get better (I’m sure); and will develop into quite wonderful content, I have every hope.

I’ve just got to try to get over the quite lovely feeling of having a website first though. Let’s see if I can actually ‘publish’ this now – fingers’ crossed.

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